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Sticks 'n Bowls

For an explosion of delicious flavours in a bowl, come to Sticks ‘n Bowls. This fast-casual restaurant combines inspiration from various countries around the Pacific Ocean with local products. All without much fuss, because, as the name suggests, you eat all the dishes out of a bowl with chopsticks. At Sticks 'n Bowls, nothing is difficult or complicated. Including serving cocktails, because they are easy to serve on tap, thanks to DORST. Speaker: Tars, Business Developer Sticks ‘n Bowls.
Environmentally-friendly alternative

Sticks 'n Bowls really cares about using local products and working in an environmentally-friendly way. That's why Tars was looking for a better alternative to making cocktails by hand: "When I found out about DORST, I was looking for a more environmentally-friendly way to make cocktails. The big improvement for me, compared to making cocktails manually, is that it is an almost no-waste alternative. We're in a sustainability phase where we like to create as little waste as possible and when we do have any, preferably as little as possible with much of it being reusable. At Sticks 'n Bowls we aim for zero waste," explains Tars.

“If you want to make a good cocktail, you’re often working with four or five different products. Everything in separate bottles or jars and everything wrapped in plastic. That creates a big mountain of waste. The big advantage with the cocktail kegs is that we no longer need all those separate products. The biggest added value for me? Less waste," he adds.

“If you want to make a good cocktail, you’re often working with four or five products in separate bottles. That creates a big mountain of waste.”
Consistency & Quality

Of course, it is also still very important to have a quality product. “And that’s exactly why I opted for DORST,” Tars says. “DORST has the highest-quality cocktails available on tap. I have never yet seen another company or tasted another product that can match the qualitative value of DORST.”

They used to make the cocktails manually at Sticks ‘n Bowls. “But the switch to cocktails on tap was quick and easy,” Tars says. “Making cocktails yourself is much more labour-intensive, first of all, and secondly, it can be hard to keep track of the stock management. With cocktails in kegs, on the other hand, you only have to look at which kegs are almost empty, instead of checking all your individual drinks and syrups,” he explains.

But, of course, the quality must not be compromised: “Like I said, the quality of the products is also important. Everything must be measured perfectly to get a good cocktail and that used to be a problem sometimes, when we were making them ourselves. With the DORST cocktails, the cocktails are made in-house in advance, so they always taste just right. That consistent flavour was one of the main reasons I opted for DORST cocktails.” The speed and efficiency of the DORST cocktails are a big added value for Tars: “Thanks to the speed and efficiency, it no longer takes five minutes to make a cocktail; it can be served after 30 seconds.”

“The consistent flavour was the main reason I opted for DORST cocktails.”
The total package

“The total package works for me,” Tars tells us. “the customer-contact is good, there is a good vibe in the company. We always try to accommodate last-minute orders and the quality of the product is good. In fact, what I’ve been noticing about DORST cocktails is that their quality is almost exactly the same as cocktails you make yourself.”

When Tars was trying to decide between making and shaking manual cocktails and cocktails on tap, he came to the following conclusion: “When a bartender is shaking a fresh cocktail, it provides an extra touch, of course, but cocktails on tap are such a great time-saver, they are very efficient and they enable a bigger profit margin. I have made my decision.”

"What I’ve been noticing about DORST cocktails, is that their quality is almost exactly the same as cocktails you make yourself.”
Recap, why Sticks ‘n Bowls opts for DORST:
  • Environmentally-friendly alternative
  • High-quality product
  • More efficient stock management
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