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Cocktails on tap.

Cause why not?
“Never start a business with family” is what they say...

And that’s exactly what we decided to do in 2017 in our home country Belgium. We’ve founded DORST with the sole purpose of making high-quality cocktails more accessible to bars and events around the world. We do this by pre-batching cocktails in kegs, so that things can really move forward behind the bar. High-quality cocktails perfectly served, ready to drink, on tap. And because quality is in our hearts, all recipes are created in collaboration with top bartenders and chefs, and we work only with quality spirits and natural juices.

Tapping cocktails is also better for the environment compared to manually made cocktails. Glass bottle packaging is reduced up to 20 times, and there’s no need to throw away excess ingredients at the end of the day. Moreover, every keg we use is 100% recyclable and can be made into a new keg, following the ‘circular economy’ principle. We believe that more sustainable packaging is bound to become a standard in the hospitality sector, and we are proud to contribute to this every day.

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What we stand for
Taste above all
DORST is the result of days, weeks, months of experimenting in our workshop. Each recipe is tasted by top bartenders and chefs, in order to create the most delicious cocktails.
We are always looking for the best possible ingredients to craft the best cocktail. Once we’re satisfied, we start making small batches, as the trade demands.
Creating the perfect cocktail: that’s what drives us. We are always looking for ways to make DORST even better. Ideas? Shoot!
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Who we are

DORST is a dynamic and growing company, consisting of (so far) a small team of three founders. We are driven and enjoy being entrepreneurs and it is important to us to do what we love, every day. Our sun-drenched DORST office full of beautiful plants, has a familial mood and humour is a fixed value. We believe that a friendly environment and a strong team are the foundation of productive work.

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Hello Patent

After many months of research and development, we have equipped our studio with a unique, patented brewing process, which enables us to guarantee the same quality consistently. No worries, we got this!

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